EyeTech was established as a software house to provide outsourcing facilities to the clients. To provide best quality services, the company combined strong management with the gathering of a highly qualified and skilled professional. We vested heavily in Research and development and in re-training of its professional staff in leading-edge technologies, and new computing platforms and environments. Rapid growth in technology and the heightened competition in the market have resulted in the need for enterprises to increase productivity, integrate all available information and increase levels of customization. The company has met these phenomenal challenges, by effectively utilizing disparate computing resources to deliver application functionality.
We are a fully employee owned company representing greater employee commitment to successful solution delivery. The professional at our office are skilled in emerging software development paradigms, trained in good software engineering and in using state of the art development tools and aids.
Comapny Staff
Software is a "knowledge" business; the company attracts, retains and develops the best available technical and marketing talent. The company has well established employee training and development strategies, and provides development opportunities that ensure the continued professional and career growth of individuals, thus adding to the overall knowledge of the organization.
Increasingly, to enhance its pool of personnel, we are able to draw upon trained computer science graduates, from highly reputed technical institutions, some of whom have begun to interact with professionals at the company in their final year at college and are, thereby, already attuned to software engineering practice and methodology at the company.
To further augment its personnel resource, the company also selects some of the best graduates from other disciplines and affords them the opportunity to benefit from its in-house training courses, with the most successful being offered the option to join its teams of software developers.
Company enjoys the strengths and skill of these professionals which results in to deliver quality products and services across platforms and functions.
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