List Restaurant
  List Restaurant is an interface between users and different restaurants. This site is for restaurants who want to advertise themselves on the internet. This site shows the number of items that the restaurants offer e.g. facility for disable persons and for babies. User can perform search from the different available search criteria. User can view the menu, place online order (if available) and reserve the table of the particular selected restaurant.


Components of the project:

There are various components of this project which are mentioned as follows:

Client Section:

1- Search:
Extensive search criteria are available from which user can select the options/ facilities he is looking for in the restaurant. This includes simple search criteria and some option filters e.g. cuisine type, facilities and Take Away Facilities.
2- Restaurant Listing:
According to the search criteria selected, the relevant restaurants along with their rating will be shown to the user.
3- Online Order:
Once the user selected the restaurant then its detail will be shown to the user and a menu will be presented to the user where he can place the online order if that restaurant has the facility.
4- Reserve Table:
User can also reserve the table at any desire date and time. An email will be generated to the restaurant for the reservation then the restaurant will reply back to customer via email/ phone to confirm the reservation.
5- Votes & Reviews:
User can also cast vote and select the favorite dish that he likes from that restaurant. User can also write reviews about the restaurant.

Admin Section:

1- Management Section:
Administrator can manage restaurant, packages, salesmen, team lead and area managers.
2- Reports Section:
Administrator can see various reports according to the different criteria selected of restaurant, salesman, team lead, area manager and various administration reports.
3- User management:
Administrator can manage different users and assign them different roles and also can change passwords.
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