Monarch is an interface between users and different properties that are on sale or on rent or on lease whether commercial or residential in nature. The site features the different properties that are listed for sale, rent or lease. User can perform search from the different available search criteria. User can view the property features along with its pictures (if available) and contact the owner of the site via site.


Components of the project:

There are various components of this project which are mentioned as follows:

Client Section:

1- Search:
Extensive search criteria are available from which user can select the options/ facilities he is looking for in the property. This includes simple search criteria and some option filters e.g. amusement, garden and kitchen. Site also features the map based search to provide the user ease of searching the required property in the required area.
2- Property Listing:
According to the search criteria selected, the relevant properties along with their price, size and description.
3- Online Booking:
Once the user selected the property then its detail e.g. price, size, bed/bath, rent/ price, description and various features will be shown to the user and if user is interested in the property then he can click on the link given and fill in his information which will be sent to the property owner and site administrator who in return will contact the customer.
4- Property Ad:
User can also place the property ad by first registering on the site and then filling the required form. A notification will be sent to the site administrator who then verify the information given by the user and then accept/ reject the Ad which will be displayed on the site accordingly.

Admin Section:

1- Property Section:
Administrator can add, edit and delete the properties from this section.
2- Ad Section:
Administrator can see various Ad placed by the users and after verifying them can approve and reject them.
3- Report Section:
Administrator can see various kind of reports e.g. inquiry report, customer report and owner report.
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