Pharmasys is a complete web based solution for any pharmaceutical store. It provides the management of the vendor, manufacturer, items and invoices. User can manage inventory and place order if the stock limit is less. User can manage purchases, sales (ledger and bill), and various accounts tasks such as expense, staff and their salaries. User can view different kind of reports that include payment book, ledger book, order book, sales report, salary sheet and balance sheet.


Components of the project:

There are various components of this project which are mentioned as follows:

Purchase Section:

1- Vendor:
User can manage vendor information in this section.
2- Manufacturer:
User can manage manufacturer information in this section.
3- Items:
User can manage items information against particular vendor and manufacturer along with other related information.
4- Invoice:
User can generate invoices thatwill include the vendor name their items along with the quantity and payment options.
5- Ledger:
User can enter the ledger information against particular vendor and the invoices that were already generated.
6- Order:
User can place for any item whose stock level is below the maintained level of a particular vendor.

Sale Section:

1- Bill:
User can generate the bill against the items that has been sold.
2- Bill Ledger:
User can search bills that are already generated to enter payment information.

Accounts Section:

1- Expense Item List:
User can enter different expense items using this screen.
2- Expense:
User can enter the expenses incurred on the specific expense item list.
3- Staff:
User can enter staff information using this screen.
4- Salary:
User can enter the monthly salary of a specific staff member.

Reports Section:

1- Vendor Mailing List:
User can see the vendor's complete address using this report.
2- Items Code List:
User can see items detail according to the selected criteria.
3- Inventory Report:
User can see inventory of items and their current stock level.
4- Invoice File:
User can see the invoices that are generated to the different vendors.
5- Payment Book:
Payment book shows the payment information from particular vendor.
6- Ledger Book:
Ledger book show the invoices generated and payment received against them for a particular vendor.
7- Order Book:
Order book shows the vendor wise items information and how much has been ordered.
8- Sale Report:
Sale report shows the item wise sale information along with total sale.
9- Staff Mailing List:
User can see the staff information according to city selected.
10- Salary Sheet:
User can see staff net salary according to search criteria.
11- Balance Sheet:
User can see the credit and debt.

Reports Section:

1- Company Information:
User can change the company information who purchase the software.
2- Add New User:
User can manage the users from this screen.
3- Change Password:
User can change his password from here.
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